Tuesday, 3 April 2007

WonderWoman Project Revisited

(Writing this post will probably take me all day. I'm doing it between waiting for the finance system to calculate things.)

I've heard a few mutterings wondering what has happened to the WonderWoman Project, so thought I'd give you an update:-

1) Weight Watchers - Doing OK. It's more of a non-diet than a "diet", so has been easy to live with. Weight loss has been slow but, so long as I don't have anything salty in the next 36 hours, I should weigh in 7lb lighter tomorrow night than when I started, possibly more. As well as a sensitivity towards salt, I have noticed a distinct tendency to retain water if I drink any alcohol. It doesn't matter if I'm below points or not.

2) Exercise - I've succeeded in getting out of bed every (working) morning at 5.30am to work out! So far, though, it's just been weight training; I haven't started running yet. I'm procrastinating about the running because it means digging out my gear from the back of the bureau (literally. It'll have made a leap for freedom over the back of the drawer into the awkward space behind). In the meantime, I've noticed more definition in my arms, shoulders and back. It'll be a while before I get rid of the spare tyre around my middle, but the exercise is helping there, too.

3) Money - My bank account is almost reconciled to my cheque book but I have a £14 difference that I haven't been able to identify yet. I maintained my cheque book record throughout the month, although I did get a bit behind in the last week or so of March. My "money to live off" cash diet wasn't so successful. It only survived through to the 16th. Still, as Tamarian says "Onward". April is a new month and a fresh start.

4) Washing off my makeup and brushing/flossing my teeth before bedtime. I reckon this has a 70% success rate. I don't wash my face every night, although I'm getting better and it should become a habit soon.

5) Tidiness. Not quiet a non-starter. I'm not making any more mess, but I haven't conquered the mess that already exists. My desk is always clear when I go home at night and most things are filed carefully away.

6) The dishes thing. This is a big success, although I'm more likely to wash up first thing in the morning instead of after dinner. Still, when you come home to a clean kitchen, you don't seem to make as much mess. (Or, at least, I don't.)

- Pam (what else was in the project?????)

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