Monday, 16 April 2007

Apologies, but the meat fumes have got to me!

DH and I went a bit mad yesterday on our quarterly visit to the kosher butcher's shop. We spent £167. Since our monthly contributions to the meat "kitty" totals £30, I'm claiming steak intoxication. We normally spend between £70 and £90.

We bought:-

1 roasting chicken - cost £8
1 rolled turkey roast - cost £12
1 ball-of-rib beef roast for £20 (should feed 4 with leftovers)
4 big chicken breast fillets - they cost over £6 each but will make 4 meals
4lb of minced/ground beef ("hamburger" for the Americans) - that'll become 8 meals
3lb stewing steak (3 meals)
2 huge lamb steak
6 large lamb chops (destined to become 2 lamb stews)
6 large ball of rib steak costing £28! Gasp!!! (In my defence, they became 4 meals because I get half a steak each time due to Weight Watchers)
1 packet of chicken livers
1 packet of breaded turkey schnitzels for DH (for when I'm away)
1 tub of babaganush (eggplant dip. Mine! All mine!)

I'm working from memory, but I don't think I've left anything out. (I'm at work, the receipt's at home, or I'd give you all the prices, too.) Doesn't sound like much, does it?

Of course, the cost of kosher meat is legendary. You pay at least twice if not three-times as much as for non-kosher meat. When DH teases me for hypocrisy (we also have squid, haggis, black pudding and Lorne sausage in the freezer - all very unkosher), I remind him that if we didn't buy kosher we'd be buying organic, which costs about the same.

But this little lot will last us until at least July. I know it doesn't look like it on first perusal. And yet, we eat meat or fish virtually every night of the week; most meals feed at least four because I make "set-a-sides" for both of us to take to lunch for work, and DH is a big eater. Oh, and I entertain regularly ("Never knowingly under catered" is my motto, borrowed from Nigella Lawson).

- Pam (the steak is lovely, too! Yummmmm.... Dinner last night....Mmm)


Mother of Chaos said...

Hee! I know that particular intoxication rather well!

Sounds delicious!!!

Very Herodotus said...

Sorry, but ... chicken livers? I mean, I'm sure they're nutritious, loaded with iron and all. I thought chicken liver was something people ate when there was nothing else to eat. You know, you ate all the white meat, then most of the dark, then the chicken neck for soup or something, and as a last resort you eat the liver.

But you've gone and bought the liver first, like saying "Look, I don't need the tender white meat of the breast, or the yummy goodness of the wing. I'll just take these chicken livers and be on my way."

Do they have medicinal value? Are they part of your secret beauty regimen? Please, do tell!