Thursday, 8 March 2007

Of bad days....

Yesterday was my Weight Watchers’ day, so I thought “Great! I’ll go to my meeting, then go home and write up my Blog. It’ll be a good time to reflect on the WonderWoman Project.” How wrong I was.

By the time I got home, I was fighting back tears. Weigh-in was a disaster – between Tuesday morning and my weigh in I put on 2.5lb! I can’t blame the scales at the meeting, either. I’d weighed myself yesterday morning after my shower and I was at least 2lb up. At the time, I put it down to having wet hair and having recently drunk a pint of water (I normally weigh myself before my shower and before I drink anything). Instead, I’m officially up 0.5lb.

It felt like my body was delivering a kick in the teeth. I’d tried so hard. I even worked in ways to accommodate whole milk into my diet. I’ve been tracking my points religiously and working out almost every morning.

I was too dejected to cook dinner. DH was out for the evening, so there was no incentive and no external conscience to chivvy me back into line. Instead, I pigged out on a couple of sausages left over from the morning’s welcome-back-breakfast, had a hot chocolate and a bag of WW cookie bites. My mini-binge put me a grand total of 8.5 points over my allowance.

This morning, I picked myself up; dusted myself off and started all over again. I refuse to let one bad day beat me. I am writing off the deficit one day at a time – it’ll be gone by Sunday.

- Pam

(Note – This morning, the weight had all disappeared again! I have no explanation except possibly salt intake. Dinner on Tuesday contained soy sauce.)


Stephanie said...

This happens to me *all the time* except with my bathroom scale. For a while I stopped weighing myself entirely because those inexplicable bad days would have the same effect "why do I even bother trying?" Blech.

Good for you for getting back on the wagon.

Mother of Chaos said...

GAH! I HATE THE 'WEIGHING IN' THING!! I had so many of those episodes back when I was doing the eDiets thing, it does not bear repeating.

...the memories still burn...BURN, I TELL YOU!...

Good for you for picking yourself up and carrying on. That's the real ticket to success. Don't you DARE give up on you. You are better than the scales, and they WILL bow to your will.

Filthy rotten things...