Saturday, 3 March 2007

Inner Dialogue

Even though it’s Saturday, I couldn’t sleep in this morning. I eventually got out of bed half an hour after my usual time. Staggered to the kitchen. Put proper coffee on to brew (instead of the mid-week instant stuff). And then I spent 10 minutes arguing with myself about whether I should work out this morning.

Goal-driven Self: “You’re up early; you’ve got plenty of time so work out now.”

Lazy Self: “But I want to work on my blog!”

Goal-driven Self: “You can do that after you exercise. It’ll only take 15 minutes.”

Lazy Self: “But it’s Saturday morning!” <> “That’s my lazy time.”

Goal-driven Self: “You committed yourself to weight training on Saturday mornings.”

Lazy Self: <> “Damn conscience.” <>

The workout took about as long as the argument. :o)

- Pam

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