Friday, 25 March 2011

Shameless Plug

Please sponsor me to do the Lincoln 10K next weekend, Sunday 3rd April 2011.  I'll be raising money for the Shooting Star Children's hospice.

When one of my oldest friends said he wanted to do some fundraising to mark his 25th year in London, I said "Sure, why not?".  When he asked for suggestions, I came up with his home-town's 10K race and then uttered the fatal words:  "Do it in drag.  If you like, I'll even walk it with you".  (He's not a runner.)   Thus was born The Mrs Slocombe Academy for Young Ladies:  Scarlet (Howard), Dorothy (David), Sheila (Chris F) and Fifi (me) their French maid.  We won't be fast.  We will be funny.  And we will surely burn the retinas from your eyes:

Here's Dorothy and Scarlet posing for the camera.  Aren't they fine strapping young gels, as our headmistress Mrs Slocombe would say?

- Pam (I must be mad.  But please sponsor us.)

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