Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sit-Rep 2010 - March

STASH: Maintained cold sheep. Did virtually no knitting however this month, so estimate less than half a skein (i.e. less than 50g) used up, for a total of 6.5-ish skeins. Knitting time was minimal and compromised by lack of light. Not sure how much longer we will be without overhead lighting - am considering getting some sort of headlamp to aid working on the Brown Cable Cardigan (the current lighting is too dim to see what I'm doing when I'm cabling - may need to resort to using a cable needle again). Any suggestions?

GARDEN: Planted out 6 of the 7 broad bean plants, as well as the earliest of the seed potatoes. Have also planted out 50+ onion sets, shallot sets and loads of garlic cloves. Will sow chill seeds, sweet/bell pepper seeds, butternut pumpkin seeds and courgette seeds this weekend, as well as another variety of potato. Bought a propagator. Had to obtain extra tyres for the potatoes because 7 of last year's 8 tyres are holding down a tarpaulin on the kitchen roof (to prevent leaks).

OVERDRAFT: £108.83 repaid, for a total repaid of £355.38.

FITNESS: Five sessions of Pilates and three sessions of yoga attended. Rejoined Weight Watchers - walked to meeting once.  4 meetings attended.  No miles run. Pounds lost = 4lb for a total of 6lb.

SOCKS: 3/4 of one sock completed for DH in Weird Science pattern from Yarn Forward. Next month should be better - BIL is coming to UK mid-April, so decided to whip up a pair of DK-weight socks for Eldest Sis (his wife) for him to deliver to her on her birthday at end of April. Have chosen simple pattern, the Zig-Zag Socks pattern by Jocelyn Sertich.  Using stash yarn: Cherry Tree Hills Superwash Merino DK in the Cabin Fever colourway.  Photos to follow.

- Pam

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