Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Another whine about feeling cold

It's cold.   We have no heating and haven't had since Monday morning, when the old boiler was removed.  It's so cold that when I zapped some rock-hard coconut oil in order to soften it so that I could make coconut rough, it returned to rock-hard in the 20 minutes it took to eat dinner.

I know the weather here is relatively mild compared to some parts of the world but our houses aren't designed to cope without some form of heating.  And it's turned decidedly wintry in the last week (it's snowed above 200 metres).  We have the added disadvantage of several small holes in the walls downstairs creating a gazillion drafts.  I've lived in cold houses before - my first two permanent homes in the UK didn't have central heating - however I'd forgotten what  it was like.  Both of those properties had some form of heating, just not in every room.  Not here.  Not now.  Not until (hopefully) tomorrow.

The new boiler is "in" but it hasn't, yet, been connected to the gas.  Almost all the new radiators are in position (the ones that aren't have to wait until after the new kitchen is installed).

I can't wait.  Whilst running hot water would be nice, warm rooms would be lovely! (We have an electric power shower so are able to have hot showers, but everything else requires boiling the kettle.)

- Pam

PS:  Don't worry - the tiles, etc, are still getting the chop.

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