Thursday, 26 March 2009

Sometimes I feel sorry for my husband

Email to DH this morning:-

Your mad, bad, and dangerous to know knitter wife has just signed herself up for two days of knitting in September. The I-Knit-London Day this year is a weekend and this time there are classes. I've signed up for four, two on each day. No, I'm not dragging you along. That would mean you have to learn to knit and I know you aren't interested. The dates are 11th and 12th September (a Friday and a Saturday). I get to meet two of the goddesses of knitting design (the Yarn Harlot is different - she's a knitting rock star).

I think I've spent my entertainment budget for the rest of the year. But I hope he'll forgive me.

First I signed up for both days of this year's I-Knit-London Weekender. Last year, I met the Yarn Harlot. This year, I've signed up for classes with Annie Modesitt (squeal!!! The Annie Modesitt!), Alice Starmore (both of her classes) and Yarnissima (a.k.a. Marjan Yarmmink - she's teaching toe-up socks).

Then, I went on line and bought us two tickets to see Spandau Ballet. They've re-formed after 20 years and are doing a concert tour in the Autumn. And we have tickets! This is the band that were the sound track of the 1980's. (OK, there were other bands, but when I think of Eighties music, it's Spandau Ballet.)

Poor DH. He gets to spend an entire evening with me reverting to a teenager.

- Pam

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