Thursday, 19 March 2009

So much for good intentions

Inspired by Crazy Aunt Purl's recent post about travelling and the Yarn Harlot's one last weekend, one of the things I was planning to do this week was write a post about travelling light. I thought I'd have the perfect opportunity: three evenings to kill on my own in a country pub in the middle of nowhere. Not a chance! Those three evenings turned into dinner with the guy I used to share desk space with in Reading, working late last night, and tonight I was joined in the restaurant by the Regional Director overseeing my project. So you'll have to wait until later for my explanation of how to pack a small case for a week away for work, complete with laptop. Believe me, I'm good at it - in December it even held Christmas Party Clothes and proper shoes (with heels!), as well as my usual clobber.

Instead, tonight's plan is to do something similar to last night, when I unwound by knitting whilst watching episodes of Lets Knit Together via iTunes. I have created the perfect knitting/viewing space in my hotel room: computer on small table (so it doesn't overheat on the bed), knitting on my lap, phone on the bed, and drink on the floor beside me.

Good night.

- Pam

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