Saturday, 4 October 2008

Bugger! I killed the laptop

I was mid-way through a post when it failed! It went into a re-booting loop. I've started it in safe mode, tried the "restore last good settings" feature (which failed) and am now backing up my files. I know, theoretically, that the next step is to reformat the damn thing and then reinstall Windows, etc, but I've never done it. Can anyone tell me what I'm to expect?

- Pam


Jan said...

I've done it.

Did it come with a "restore" type of disk? This is usually your best bet, as it will have all the drivers and stuff you need.

Laptops are trickier than desktop, in my experience, because with a laptop, it's harder to find a display adapter that works and if the one you're using doesn't work ... well, you can imagine. The phrase "working blind" comes to mind.

If you know the function key to stop the boot (it varies depending on brand and machine), you could try that and see if you can get anywhere with the boot parameters/bios.

Will it boot in safe mode for you?

PipneyJane said...

I need to look out the disks. ARRGGHHH! Where did I put them? Where has DH moved them to?

It does boot in safe mode. Even has a "restore to before previous software installation/update" function in safe mode. Unfortunately, that didn't cure the problem. I may try it again, though. Take it back another few months or so (it doesn't effect files saved).

- Pam