Thursday, 1 March 2007


Why is this blog called “Tales from PipneyJane’s Kitchen”? Because I’m a foodie, a damn good cook and because most of it will be written at my kitchen table. To me, the kitchen really is the heart of the home. Our current kitchen is 12 ft by 10 ft (or thereabouts) and in desperate need of renovation, but it’s the focal point of most of the pottering about I do at home. I get some of my best ideas for writing or creating whilst I’m cooking.

Why blog? I’ve always liked to write – I wrote manuals and training documentation for a living for four years – and instead of writing content for someone-else for once, I want to write for myself. Also, blogging appeals to me as a way to enable my friends to keep up with me and my life; I used to write long emails to everyone but now I don’t have the time.

What am I interested in? I’m a knitter; I sew sometimes, crochet occasionally. I love to read, but I commute by cars these days so I don’t read as much. I garden (badly) – I’m good at plant murder. :o) Did I mention food and cooking? And I’m interested in frugal living and investing.

Where did my internet handle come from? “PipneyJane is the pet name I had when I was a child. “PipneyJane from out of Spain.” I think my sister would say.

- Pam


John said...

Plant murder... hehehehehe

In our back yard, we have an orange tree that's alive but refuses to bear fruit. We have another spot where we've planted two other trees, each of which only lasted 3 or 4 months.

I'm a plant murderer! Muahahahahaha!

wrnglrjan said...

Congrats on the new space Pam!

For the commuting/reading problem, I can highly recommend audio books. I actually look forward to my commute now, and occasionally even go out to the parking lot to each my lunch if something particularly juicy is happening.

It's kind of an acquired skill, so if you try it and find you can't follow along, don't give up. Repeat the chapter if you need to, and I'll be you get better!